Sat. May 25th, 2024

Colish company has completed a major contract for European telecommunications satellites

Astri Poland has delivered the last of four devices contracted for the next-generation European telecommunications satellite program. The total value of the contract is PLN 5 million. This year's deliveries carried out by the company for the European Space Agency is an exceptional result on the scale not only of the Polish Space Sector but also of Eastern European countries.

Eurostar Neo is a program to build a next-generation platform for satellitesoin telecommunications, carried out under the NeoSat program under the aegis of the European Space Agency and the French Space Research Center (CNES). The new platform is expected to be 30 percent. cheaper to maintain compared to current designs and offer much higher payload carrying capacity. HeadoThe project's prime contractor is. Airbus Defence and Space – a global leader in space technology.

Astri Poland signed a contract to supply four devices for this program in 2016. It assumed the design and production of 2 types ofoin devices (2 of each type), whichohe task of simulating the interfaceoin electronic satellite platforms, especiallyoliability of the on-board computer and power management system, and conduct a testow avionics.

– Provision of equipment for satellitesoin Eurostar Neo, is a significant event in the history of industrial involvement of Polish companies in European space programs. It is not often that companies from Poland provide finished products for satellitesow whichohe recipients will be telecommunications companies from all over the world – said Jacek Mandas, President of Astri Poland. – The telecommunications segment is also a very challenging area of the space market. Commercial customers are uncompromising about the quality of the products they orderow. We are pleased that we were able to deliver equipment that meets these requirements," he added.

This is not the end of deliveries to the European Space Agency from Astri Poland this year. As announced, the company plans to deliver as many as 10 finished products to ESA this yearow.

– By the end of the year, we will hand over to ESA another electronic device, an optomechatronic device, ktore will allow to test the headowny sensor of the Sentinel-5 mission, two test environments for the receiveroin GNSS and service for monitoring ice on rivers – mentioned President Mandas. – We are also in talks to win more orders for ESA – noted.