Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Scientists have found a simple way to remember

What to do if we really want to remember something? It turns out that one of the best methods is… to draw this. At least, that’s what the researchers claim. According to them, a great way to fix something in your mind is to visualize it.

Drawing, in addition to fixing in memory, can also helpoc elderly in preventing and combating the symptoms of theoin dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada also have good news for osob thatore are not the best at drawing. It turns out that it is not at all necessary to complete the studyoin the visual arts to reap the benefits of drawing.

– We found that drawing improves memory amongod osob older much more than other known techniques – mowi Melissa Meade, one of the cootutee of the study. – We are motivated by the results so far and are now looking for ways we could use our discovery to help people with dementia – adds.

Researchers surveyed a total of 48 peopleob. Half were people with approx. 20 years, the other half of a person aged approx. 80 years. Participantow were asked to do a series of exercises. They were shown a series of expressionow, whichore they could either write down, express their emotions about the object, or… draw it.

After the break, participants were asked toow to sproThey were able to recall words thatore previously shown them. It turned out that young people generally have a better memory than osob older. This is no discovery. However, the zaroThe drawing of pictures in theod younger people as well as among theod older participantoIn the study, most of the wordsow remembered by people whoore drew them.

– Drawing a pictureow is a very simple task, whichore can easily be incorporated into your life to improve your memory – says Meade. – For example, drawing someorych articleoin food whoore you have to po┼║ later buy or meal, whichory you plan to do will result in the information being remembered much better than if it had been written down – adds.

Drawing can be so effective because it involves multiple areas in its executionow mozgu, including spatial, verbal, semantic spheres (dot. meaning of wordso(w) and motor. In other words, drawing makes more areaoin our mozgu are stimulated to remember. A similar study has already been carried out before, but it involved only young people.

The results mean that in order to improve our quality of life and memory with the passing years, we just need to start drawing things thatore we want to remember. According to researchers, drawing can even pomoc people suffering from dementia. – Our research can have a direct impact on the therapy of osob with dementia, whichore thanks to drawing could remember someore things better and for longer, even despite the progression of disease – convinces Meade.